Pledgerunner is our labor of love.

Setting out on this entrepreneurial journey is not easy – and we expected that there would be a few bumps in the road.

And we have hit a few major bumps – but we’ve simply dusted ourselves off and jumped right back up! And when we were told that Pledgerunner’s UI was not so great – we cleaned her up too! From the top, to the very bottom and everything else in between – we improved the UX!

Our old look…

A few months back, we were told by our first early advisor that he “…would never use this product”. His exact words, because of this original design – see below…


He stated this, because by his opinion, the product was not cohesive and it lacked ease of use. He didn’t feel motivated to do use Pledgerunner – because the pictures (albeit, bright and shiny) alone were just not that self explanatory.

That felt like a kick in the mouth!

His advice stung, since we originally felt that the product design was new and refreshing. But his words were not the only advice we received. We also received similar feedback from customers, who felt confused by the early layout

This time – go minimal!


We ripped everything out and literally started over. The goal was to make navigation less cluttered, less boxy, and to focus our intent to make navigation simple and intuitive.

We even changed our blog design to match the changed platform!

Now everything is much more cohesive –  much, much easier to navigate and understand.

But because of that advisor and feedback from our early stage customers, we made the dramatic change to simplify Pledgerunner.

We actually valued this advice! The final result of that fateful, sadly daunting, but informative feedback was simply – change.

We listened. We changed. Thank you!