Pledgerunner is getting close to adding features for both Google Fit and Apple HealthKit to our platform.

This undertaking is being built on the back of our private beta version of our API – along with leveraging our current fundraising infrastructure.

Briefly, here are a few details I can share at this early stage –

  • Pledgerunner will work as a companion to these additional fitness technologies. Think of Pledgerunner a being a fitness buddy that encourages you to donate that activity to support a cause!
  • The use of Google Fit and Apple HealthKit will work only on our forthcoming smartphone app – a hybrid under development for both iPhone and Android.
  • There will be new Challenges and events integrated into our fundraising support for both devices. This will give more to charities, schools and nonprofits, providing more choices in building unique fundraisers!

And the fun part of all this is that I’m busily writing code at night and on the weekends, as I actively seek employment to help keep the lights on and the family fed. Pledgerunner is truly a “bootstrapped” start up and I love every minute of it!

P.S. If you know of any contract (or fulltime) positions available, here is my resume!