Being at Onespark was an opportunity like no other, and we had the privilege of participating with over 500+ great companies – in the worlds largest crowdfunding festival. Although we didn’t win, we felt honored to be in the same league with Yoga-4-Change, who won the grand prize for Social Good! We also loved Eradicating Hunger, who also share the Finalist stage with us! Here we are – all on stage – posing for the media – with our esteemed judges.


The festivities at OneSpark were nonstop, and we met so many people, so many companies and so many potential charities and businesses to bring onboard for Pledgerunner, we have a list of contacts a mile long! We also had a great set of neighbors at Jacksonville Landing (our hosts), starting with sQoosh, Duval Sports, 9 Degrees Data, Find Me Cabbie, Consumer Break, Katy Cube – and RoundAboutLife - you guys are all winners in our book. And we have a group of people to thank -more below.

During the closing ceremonies, the founder of OneSpark, Elton Rivas finally gave us a sign that things were alive and well, because the hour long warm up act kept us laughing, but then it went on past the hour and people were getting a bit antsy.



In all, OneSpark was an event we will never forget! We loved every minute of it and Jacksonville, Florida is our new home away from home!


And last but not least, many thanks to some extremely wonderful people who really made every minute a blast – thank you so much Chris Page, Ky, Dillon, Kathrin, Zack, Todd, YolandaMike and his son, John (sQoosh), Michael (Cabbie) the whole team at Nibletz (for an awesome interview and video – included below), Steve (for another awesome interview and video also below) and the News4Jax midday team -hey, what ever happened to John Arterberry’s B Roll?!

Thank you OnesSpark! Thank you Jacksonville, Florida!

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From the YouTube Series, Creator Showcase for OneSpark, here’s a great video from Steven Cerri and Jessi Hanson. Thank you both for giving us a chance to share our story!

There’s the big huggable, lovable teddy bear! Here’s a wonderful article from the crew at NibletzThank you, Nibletz!

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