The little team here at Pledgerunner is hard at work putting together our version of Pledgerunner for the new Apple Watch, but we are in holding pattern (more on that below).


Wouldn’t be nice to use the Apple Watch to support a charitable need? With all of this wearable communication and the growing number of Internet of Things, I want Pledgerunner to support everything from the FitBit® (which it does already) to apps like RunKeeper® (which it also supports) to the “soon to become ubiquitous on everyone’s wrist” – Apple Watch (under development).

From my view, if you walk a mile, donate a mile from your Apple Watch. If you track your steps and your daily routines, quantifying everything from your heart rate to your calories burned  – then there should be a way to use that data to support a charity?

And you can…using Pledgerunner.

Right now, you can use data gathered from your quantified self and donate this as an effort to support a cause on Pledgerunner.  It’s like banking the miles you walk or the calories you burn to support a charity – just as you would if you ran a marathon for a given charity.

In essence – with Pledgerunner, you are creating your own “You-A-Thon”.

And this is what would be great to do with the Apple Watch!

As I mentioned, we are in a holding pattern because we are running short on funds. We are working on a campaign to raise funds at OneSpark – so that we can keep Pledgerunner going, and of course launch our first smartwatch application, that will also tie in with our first app for the iPhone (whew…that was a lot of words).

In all, in spite of my lacking in funds – I will continue building an Apple Watch app to support charitable needs. It may take longer with lack of funds (because I have a family and we have a roof, and I will have to work fulltime to keep that roof) – but it will get done.

I was able to complete Pledgerunnerwith a lot of baby steps!

So – in conclusion, my wife and I started this dream with a savings account, a lot of traveling and promotion, late nights deep in code and a passion to help – and we want this to continue, no matter what…

To quote a line from Galaxy Quest, “Never give up! Never Surrender!”