We need you!

Help us keep Pledgerunner alive! Pledgerunner has run out of funds. Now, we need continued funding to help us build the Apple Watch app, continue marketing and promotion, and add requested features to Pledgerunner.

Our OneSpark Page

When and Where?

April 7th through April 12th, Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville, Florida.

Vote for Project #22058!

Come by and see us! And when you do, vote for us! 

Funds and Contributions!

From our OneSpark page, you can make a $1 or a $5000! In all, we need to keep this going, and we are only campaigning for $50,000. That’s all we need to keep our labor of love going!


For every contribution, we have a number of wonderful “Thank You” rewards to share. From custom t-shirts to honorable placement on the Pledgerunner platform, we are ready to say “Thank You” to everyone!

The Pitch

Come and see the me – John Arterberry – the founder of Pledgerunner pitch Pledgerunner on April 10, 2015 – at 5:50 PM on Main and Forsyth, Jacksonville, Florida!

Join Us!

My wife and I started Pledgerunner with money from our savings, a few maxed out credit cards, and a whole lot of passion to help! Join us at OneSpark or make a contribution to our crowdfunding campaign, so we can share this passion and continue our efforts long into 2015!