Just doing a look back at some of the changes I invested a little time make. Pledgerunner is a truly a labor of love, so this change was much needed – especially after talking with a number of people who took the time to test drive this platform. Here’s a look at what was the original Landing page versus the new update.

The Landing page – from original to new

3_old_landpage  3_new_landpage

At first glance, there does’t seem to be much of a change. But there’s an improvement.

Since this post, the view of the assorted devices and fitness apps are no longer listed (as shown here on the new landing page). Also, the icon headers for the three headliners on the landing page have been added (for a little flare). Now, if you reload the landing page – the center headliner changes it’s message and icon each and every time.

The Starting Line page – from original to new

1_old_startingline  1_new_startingline

In truth, I miss the all white style. It was clean and easy to navigate, but this time around, I needed to anchor a menu to the left to set a standard for where features could be quickly accessed. In addition, I added an additional menu at the top right side to access tools and account information.  In addition to changing the backdrop – it too is designed to change at each load of the page – providing a different image and story.

The Fundraiser page – from original to new

2_old_charitypage    2_new_charitypage

Now this is a big change – but well worth it. Again, the design is built to convey story – and the Material design look works well with this page update. The simplicity behind making a pledge is a clear as day – and there is less clutter than the original.

The Dashboard – from original to new pages

4_old_dashboard   4_new_dashboard   4_new_dashboard2

Oh what a difference a design makes! Here is an update that was also well worth the challenge. In a way – there is less clutter and more information to share in a well designed Material layout! The other cool factor is the additional dashboard page – or should I say Archive page, which allows you to share daily activities with physical trainers and wellness providers – as well as track your overall activity each month!